Farrah Abraham Clashes With Maci Bookout in Tense Face Off on Teen Mom OG

Farrah Abraham Clashes With Maci Bookout in Tense Face-Off on , Teen Mom OG - Up until now   Maci Bookout has had the comfort of being several states away from Farrah Abraham at all times -  But on the Monday   May 11 episode of Teen Mom OG   all four ladies were forced together for a New York City press tour - Naturally   the MTV crews decided to spring the footage of Maci reacting to Farrah’s return on the former porn princess while she’s promoting the series alongside her redheaded enemy -  Spoiler alert: Things didn’t go well -  “I don’t judge Farrah or dislike her   but Bentley’s in kindergarten -  So kids already ask him about being on TV -  And now it’s like ‘Oh   is your mom the one who did a sex tape? Is your mom the one who did a porn?’” Maci explained to costars Amber Portwood   Catelynn Lowell   and Tyler Baltierra - The group was especially peeved that Vivid Entertainment included “Teen Mom” in the name of Farrah’s adult film   Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom   directly linking them to the raunchy video - “There’s no shame in porn  ” Tyler added -  “If you want to go do porn   do porn -  But we’re attached to it -  At what price are you going to sell your dignity   man? I tell ya   it’d better be a high one - ” Though the show normally splits its stars’ stories to feature all four girls   this week the focus was all about the feud between Maci and Farrah -  The tension built once Farrah was shown Maci’s clips and declaration that she was quitting the show - “Hey Maci   why are you here?” a pissed-off Farrah shouted -  “I think you should not be here because you don’t want to be here -  Bye-bye! My life’s not about porn -  I have a child too   I see her every day   and it doesn’t affect her -  If it was about Bentley   that would be something else -  Bentley doesn’t even know my name - ” . Farrah Abraham Clashes ...